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Providing a seamless flow between songs in worship can take great effort. Unfortunately, worship teams generally finish one song followed by a gap that is often awkward before beginning the second song, and so on. What results is a disjointed time of worship rather than one that has a seamless flow.

The video below shows a portion of a recent Worship Leader Boot Camp describing three ways to transition songs for a seamless flow. The instruction in this course begins with basic musical principles and then applies them to songs in the same key, then expands to a number of other scenarios (see course outline below). There are over 40 videos in this course with many examples of transitions between songs shot with multiple cameras:

This course’s videos demonstrate seamless connections between songs in the same key and different keys as described in this introductory video.

The class also includes an eBook detailing this information.


Time Commitment: This course includes 47 videos totaling 1.5 hours in length. The amount of time one would spend with this class varies greatly.

Section 1Linking Worship Songs - Musical Considerations
Lecture 1Three Ways to Connect Songs
Lecture 2Planned Spontaneity
Lecture 3Key Relationships - Same Key - Part 1
Lecture 4Key Relationships - Same Key - Part 2
Lecture 5Key Relationships - Same Key - Part 3
Lecture 6Key Relationships - Half or Whole Step
Lecture 7Key Relationships - Fourth or Fifth
Lecture 8Key Relationships - Other Keys
Lecture 9Chart of Major Key Relationships for Simple Transitions
Lecture 10Examples of Two Songs with Three Ways to Connect
Section 2Linking Worship Songs - Textual Considerations
Lecture 11Video Introduction
Lecture 12Text Link
Lecture 13Thematic Link
Lecture 14Response Link